måndag, november 30, 2015

Läsa HELA Bibeln....

Följande härliga rader stötte jag på av en slump i verket The Idea of a University, av John Henry Newman:

"This kind of writing (den världsliga litteraturen) is for the most part much 

affected and admired by the people of weak judgement and viscious taste; 
but it is a piece of affectation and formality the sacred writers are utter strangers to. 
It is a vain and boyish eloquence; and as it has always been esteemed below 
the great geniuses of all ages, so much more so with respect to those writers 
who were actuated by the spirit of Infinite Wisdom, and therfore wrote with 
that force and majesty with which never man writ. The other sort of eloquence 
is quite the reverse to this, and which may be said to be the true characteristic 
of the Holy Scriptures; where the excellence does not arise from laboured and 
far-fetched elocution, but from a surprising mixture of simplicity and majesty, 
which is a double character, so difficult to be united that it is seldom to be met 
with in compositions merely human. We see nothing in Holy Writ of affectation 
and superfluose ornament...The natural conclusion from hence is, that in the 
classical authors, the expression, the sweetness of the numbers, occasioned by
the musical placing of words, constitute a great part of their beauties;
whereas in the sacred writings, they consist more in the greatness of the things
themselves, than in the words and expressions. The ideas and conceptions
are so great and lofty in their own nature that they necessarily appear magnificent
in the most artless dress. Look but into the Bible and we see them shine
through the most simple and literal translations."

Denna text och dessutom en elevs klagan till mig om att det endast läses snuttar i kyrkan och man inte tar sig tiden att läsa mer på egen hand --- fick mig att börja ägna pensionärens dagar åt att lägga ut HELA Bibeln på årets dagar. Här är så långt jag kommit:


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