tisdag, augusti 05, 2014

Skapelseberättelsen - igen !

I den vackra filmen Noah (2014) får vi en rätt fräsch och spännande skapelseberättelse. Särskilt om man ser bildmontagen när man hör Russell Crowes röst läsa följande:

"Let me tell you a story, the first story my father told me. In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing but the silence and the infinite darkness. But the breath of the Creator flooded against the foil of the spring: let there be light, and light it was. And it was good. The first day. And then the formels life began to take on substance, shape. Second day. Now our world was born, a beautiful, fragile home. And a great warming light nurtured its days, and a lesser light ruled the nights. And it was evening and morning. Another day. And the waters of the world gathered together. And in their midst emerged dry lands. Another day passed. And the ground put forth the growing things. A trick blanket of green, stretching across all creation. And the waters too teamed with life, great creatures of the deep that are no more, vast multitudes of fish, some of which still swim beneath those seas. An so the sky was streaming with birth. And it was evening. And there was morning. The fifth day. Now the whole world was full of living beings. Everything that creeps, everything that crawls and every beast that walks upon the ground. And it was good, it was all good. There was light and air and water and soil, clean and unspoiled, plants and fish and foul and beast, each after their own kind and part of the greater whole, all in their place, all in balance. It was paradise. The jewel of the Creators path. And the Creator made man. By his side woman. Father and mother of us all. He gave them a choice: follow the temptation of darkness or hold on to the blessing of liht. The day they ate from the forbidden fruit their innocence was extinguished. So for ten generations Adams sin has walked within us. Brother against brother. Nation against nation. Man against creation."

Noah ger sin familj denna berättelse när de varit ombord arken många veckor och regnet har upphört. Ingen vet ännu om de ska finna nytt land. Noah tror meningen är att människan för gott lämnar jorden och hans familj är de sista människorna. Men hans hustru är av annan mening, liksom en flicka de fått med sig, som är med barn.

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